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Support San Diego's Financial & Business Community


Enter the Circle of Influence and participate in a valuable collaboration among San Diego's leading professional services providers.

The Circle of Influence is an elite group of service providers formed to promote mutually beneficial, quality referrals and create a forum for the education and expansion of San Diego's financial and business community.

Circle of Influence members frequently join forces with Thompson Interim Professionals to host invitation-only seminars promoting professional development and networking opportunities for San Diego's business and financial community. Subscribe to our San Diego Networking Events Newsletter for the latest news on these and other regional business and financial events.

Meet our Circle of Influence Platinum Members

Our Circle of Influence Members

Diane West

Bank of the West
Craig Nelson

Barney & Barney
Gary Kloehn

Benefit Management Systems
Chris Nicolaidis

Burnham Real Estate
Dan Broderick
Tom van Betten

Capital Equipment Leasing
Richard Walker

Comerica Bank
Paul Champlin
Toby Schramm

Cooley Godward LLP
Jason Kent
Craig Knox

Corporate Real Estate Advisors
Brian P. Ffrench

CSI Leasing
Ted Pena

Deloitte & Touche
Theresa J. Drew
Stuart B. Sechriest

Emerging Growth Enterprises
Lina Ramos-Holm

Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich
Ann Bradley
December Greene
Laura Sand

Human Resources Professional Group
Renee Sheetz

Irving Hughes
David Marino
Robert M. Jones
Sepi R. Arrowsmith

Levitz, Zacks & Ciceric
Victor Ramsauer

Lockton Insurance Brokers
Phil Ducoffe

Mack Barclay Inc.
Cary Mack

Merrill Lynch
Joseph Castagnola
Paul Zawilenski

Mission Ventures
Ted Alexander

Mulvaney, Kahan & Barry LLP
Douglas B. Gordon

Nasdaq Insurance Agency
Harold Howell

Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch
Robert Stansell

Rowling, Dold & Associates LLP
Sheryl L. Rowling

Rose Business Solutions
Andy Collins

RSM McGladrey, Inc.
Stephen P. Embry
Terri Huffman
Ken R. Ritzman

San Diego National Bank
Dino D'Auria

San Diego Regional Technology Alliance
Joanne Aarstol
Nepi Ilgaz

Seal Furniture & Systems, Inc.
William Radcliffe, Jr.

Silicon Valley Bank
Linda Le Beau
Jeff Huhn
Raquel Cunningham

Smith Barney
Brad Benter
David B. Molnar

The Staubach Company
Scot Ginsburg

Swenson Advisors
Steve Austin

The T Sector
Katherine Harrington

Union Bank of California
Michael Spacciapolli

Wells Fargo Bank
Matt D'Alessandro
Bernie Palmer

Windward Ventures
Martha Dennis

(W)rightOn Communications
Julie Wright